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American Indian Voices
Audio CD, 74 minutes.

Potlatch Song
Introduction of Stories
Bear and Ant
Story of Johnny's Names
Octopus and Crow
The Boogie Woman
The Missionary
Su-yah-pi: Upside-Down Face
Grandmother Cedar Tree
The Boy and the Bicycle
Um and Ugh
The People

Summer medicine songs
Fall Medicine songs

NEW! Prophecy teachings CD:, Johnny Moses with Che oke'ten, Paul Wagner. Together they present 30 prophecy teachings and songs of the First People of the Pacific Northwest Coast with voice, drum and native flute.  - Words of Wisdom and Prediction from hundreds of years ago.

DVD: American Indian Voices Is now available on DVD!

Video Tapes:
American Indian Voices
Storytelling for Children: I. Intermediate 
Storytelling for Children: II. Primary 

Cassette tape:
American Indian Voices

Spring Medicine Songs
Summer Medicine Songs
Fall Medicine Songs
Winter Medicine Songs
Native American Bedtime Stories (For Adults Only)

Medicine Path
Audio Cassette Tape
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